Brothers and sisters welcome to my web site. I feel we are at an important time in our Local and that is why I have decided to ask for your vote as Business Manager of Local 191. Throughout the pages of this web site you will find ideas, not all my own, but some from fellow members like yourself. I feel strongly that this election does not represent the now, which is important, but more importantly, building our future. The common theme throughout is “Invest In Our Future”. I believe we can achieve this while still remaining fiscally responsible. If what you read resonates then please let me know and if it doesn’t I would like to know that as well. The only way for us to grow as a union is to openly discuss the issues that face us. I don’t have all the answers, but as most of you know about me, I will listen. Lastly, I would encourage all of us to vote. Encourage your fellow brothers and sisters on the job site to vote, as this truly is our own democracy. Let us collectively make it work.